We caught up with Christophe Nicodeme, the General Director of the European Union Road Federation, to talk about the importance of road infrastructure for the mobility industry and what we can expect to hear from them at MOVE: Mobility Reimagined 

The ERF is a non-profit organisation that represents the sector of road infrastructure, highlighting the socio-economic importance of roads for the community and society.  

“We tend to call ourselves the ‘voice of the European road,’ said Christophe.  

“We have a large variety of members, which are from the national road associations, private sector research institutes, also universities and test centres, so our membership is quite large, representing different elements of the road community. We provide information to our members, and we follow and try to influence European policy regarding road safety and road infrastructure” 

Road safety is a key element to the global mobility industry. Road transport related industries provide employment to over 14 million people in Europe and through the development of this infrastructure we can tackle issues within the mobility industry such as: ageing infrastructure, higher traffic demand, decarbonisation, and inclusion of modern technologies. 

“When people talk about mobility you have some very ‘fashionable trends’ which are digitalisation, systems of communication and vehicles, of course. But sometimes the road infrastructure is a little bit lost in the equation,” said Nicodeme  

“You can have the best zero-emission vehicle with the highest technology of communication, but if you want these vehicles to drive on the jungle track, you won’t achieve your mobility objectives. The infrastructure is really an essential part of the whole mobility framework, and it needs to be recognised as such.” 

Christophe will be appearing on a panel about the ‘connected infrastructure & V2X tech: realising potential and increasing safety’ alongside some very exciting names.  

We will also have a variety of panels and presentations on the topic of connectivity with talks on: 

  • Smartphones and connected vehicles: developing the interface 
  • Satellite connectivity for sustainable mobility 
  • Digital disruption: how can connectivity and the cloud lead to effective mobility services?  
  • AI computer vision: powering the next Industrial revolution  
  • All-inclusive mobility blueprints for future proofing city transport  

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Watch the full interview with Christophe below.