Over the last year, 5G mobile technology has been rolled out in markets around the world. Offering data speeds up to 100-times faster than 4G and ultra-low latency, the new technology is potentially transformative, allowing subscribers to download 4K videos in seconds or interact with one another seamlessly in virtual reality.

However, 5G’s real impact goes far beyond novel consumer experiences and higher quality communication. In fact, the biggest value from 5G will not be realised by mobile subscribers, but by enterprises, who will use its high bandwidth and low latency to unlock yet more technologies, from machine learning and artificial intelligence to automation and the Internet of Things (IoT).

But what impact could 5G have on the transportation industry?

Perhaps the most exciting and high-profile use cases in this space are related to autonomous vehicles. Self-driving cars will need to communicate with one another and make automated decisions about its environment almost instantaneously when on the road, with 5G crucial in delivering the required ubiquitous connectivity.

But while autonomous vehicle technology is still very much in its infancy, there are many more transport applications for 5G that are far more within reach. From IoT sensors that can be deployed on railway lines to monitor the track, to smart motorways that can update drivers about traffic congestion in real time, the opportunities are growing as the transport and telecommunications spheres increasingly converge.

In a session called ‘Trains, Planes & Automobiles: 5G-enhanced mobility’ at this year’s inaugural, virtual 5GLive, event, a panel of experts will discuss the process of digitising urban transport systems, explore 5G transport use cases, and highlight the key challenges related to upgrading and expanding mobility systems. 5G Live is organised by Terrapinn and a sister event to MOVE.

FEATURED SESSION: Trains, Planes & Automobiles: 5G-enhanced mobility

18 May, 14:20 BST


Roland da Silva, Independent Strategy Advisor (Moderator)

Johannes Springer, Lead 5G Automotive Program, T-Systems

Philip Baulch, Director of Technology & Innovation – Public & Corporate Sectors, BT

Jos Beriere, Strategic Business Developer B2B, KPN

5GLive is free to attend! Visit the 5GLive website for more information.