Taiwanese electric bike and scooter maker Gogoro and Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturer of Apple iPhones, have signed a memorandum of understanding to form a strategic technology and manufacturing partnership to develop battery swap technology.

The deal is expected to see Gogoro expand its proven bike and scooter battery swap technology beyond its homeland of Taiwan. “This partnership brings together Gogoro’s urban EV battery swapping technologies with Foxconn’s extensive global manufacturing capabilities to enable mass distribution of Gogoro’s smart battery swapping ecosystem and vehicles,” said Young Liu, chairman of Foxconn.

Gogoro says it has 2100 battery swap stations in Taiwan with 400,000 riders using them each day.

The small batteries required for electric bikes and scooters makes the battery swap model much more appropriate than for cars. The Gogoro-Foxconn deal goes beyond manufacturing, with the two set to collaborate on engineering and the development of smart batteries.

“As the Gogoro ecosystem continues establishing itself as the industry leader in battery swapping, our ability to rapidly scale our manufacturing to meet global demands is vital,” said Horace Luke, Gogoro founder and CEO.