Honda Motor Europe has launched e:PROGRESS, an intelligent home EV charging system that selects the most cost-effective times to charge vehicles using dynamic price changes.

Available in the UK, the system is based upon London based home energy storage developer Moixa’s GridShare technology. A further tie up within the collaboration is integration with Octopus Energy’s 100% renewable tariff Agile Octopus.

Honda says that until now EV drivers wishing to use flexible tariffs have had to monitor prices and set charge schedules accordingly. But using the new service, customers simply need to input their vehicle’s availability and when they next plan to use it.

“As we see an exponential rise in electric vehicle adoption, intelligent battery management software like GridShare is essential to ensure that EV uptake not only brings financial benefits to the driver, but also supports balancing the increase in demand of energy from the grid,” said Simon Daniel, CEO of Moixa.

National Grid predicts that there will be more than 11 million EVs on UK roads by 2030, and as many as 40 million by 2040. Increased EV adoption will drive higher demand for managed energy storage and Moixa sees the partnership with Honda as a step towards increasing renewable generation, minimising network costs and balancing the grid in the future.

The launch of e:PROGRESS comes as part of a pre-established relationship between Moixa and Honda, with Honda having led a £8.6 million funding round in Moixa in 2019.