InCitu has announced $1 million in funding support from Smidt Futures, in addition to another $1 million from other notable investors and initial customer traction.  

The company enables informative public-facing AR visualisations of proposed and upcoming development projects, with customers across the US comprising cities, real estate developers, technology companies, and other stakeholders in the future of urban development. 

“City planning is too slow, obscure, and expensive for the pace of development required in cities today,” said Dana Chermesh-Reshef, Founder & CEO of inCitu. “Facing climate change, severe housing shortage, public health threats, mass urbanization and major geo-political shifts, cities worldwide must adapt fast and effectively, but the obsolete systems prevent equity in the design and decision-making process, leading to a lack of trust, collaboration and inclusivity amongst residents and industry professionals.” 

InCitu gives people the opportunity to see how an environment is changing in real-time. The company turns data into informative and accurate visualisations of future buildings and skylines. This information is then made available to technology companies and any individual interested in these visualisations. 

The company has a goal of lowering the tension for city dwellers to access city planning information. All InCitu’s information is accessible via mobile-AR with no special devices required 

“With the support of global leaders in technology and real estate, inCitu is poised to help democratize and revolutionise how citizens visualize the future of their own neighborhoods and cities,” added Chermesh-Reshef. “We are restoring trust and transparency into how cities, developers, communities, and technology companies interact to allow for urban development.” 

The company hopes to drive inclusive, high accessible urban change.