Teralight has announced the launch of a 250MW solar plant. This is said to be Israel’s largest. The project has been valued at NIS 900 million and was initiated by Teralight company and developed with support from the Moshavim Movement cooperative, an initiative aimed at creating green and cultivated rural space in Israel. 

A quarter million Israelis in approximately 63 thousand households will benefit from the clean energy produced. This represents 5.2% of the country’s green energy capacity and 1.2% of its overall electricity capacity. 

Rani Lifshitz, CEO of Teralight, said: “The Ta’anakh project advances Israel a significant step towards increasing the use of electricity produced from clean solar energy, produced by Blue and White. The practical meaning of 250 megawatts in the Ta’anakh project, on its two parts, is the supply of electricity to about 60 thousand homes in Israel, during the first half of 2024.” 

Israel has an ambitious roadmap as the country’s energy mix must include 30% renewables by 2030. The roadmap predicts that solar will account for approximately 90% of the electricity, and wind, water and biomass making up the remaining 10%.  

In order to reach these goals however Israel needs to tackle a lack of land resources and is therefore embracing dual-use solar projects including rooftops, water reservoirs and agrovoltaics.