California-based smart mobility infrastructure management solutions provider Iteris has announced the launch of an open-architecture cloud framework for smart mobility infrastructure management, the ClearMobility Cloud.

The release, says Iteris, sets the foundation for horizontally scalable data processing, third-party extensibility, and secure, policy-based access.

It integrates with Iteris’ ClearMobility Platform and includes a mobility data management engine that pulls in floating vehicle data from millions of connected vehicles together the company’s smart sensors at intersections across North America.

This data forms part of Iteris’ Software as a Service (SaaS)-based solutions which are used by transportation agencies across the US to manage operations.

The company says ClearMobility Cloud’s application programming interface (API) framework and microservices ecosystem provide standardised data ingestion, cleansing and analytics, as well as authentication and security for each component of the ClearMobility Platform.

Iteris CEO Joe Bergera says the addition of the new solution will drive breakthrough innovations in smart mobility infrastructure management. “The ClearMobility Cloud enables the seamless interoperability, configuration and deployment of Iteris’ SaaS-based mobility intelligence solutions and other third-party cloud-based applications to virtualise the delivery of essential smart mobility infrastructure processes.”