Lazarillo has announced that they have partnered with Tier to further increase safety and improve communication between people with disabilities and micromobility operators.  

Tier has integrated its services with the Lazarillo app to allow people who are blind or visually impaired to be given audible messages in real time when they approach Tier e-scooter parking locations, and report poorly parked e-scooters directly to Tier using the Lazarillo app.  

This partnership hopes to make it easier for people with disabilities to make their voices heard and communicate with micromobility operators like Tier directly, improving safety and accessibility, stated the release.  

This integration is currently available in London, and the companies have plans to expand the service to more cities in the near future.  

The new app will be able to detect the presence of e-scooter parking locations in London. This will provide further safety as the app creates audible alerts when approaching a designated parking spot.  

The app features a new “alerts” category, where you will be able to find e-scooter parking spots nearby and access its exact location.  

Press release and picture: Lazarillo