Lyft has announced that it will be partnering with Redwood Materials to ensure that its fleet of shared e-bikes and scooters can be kept up to date and fresh.  

This deal is a huge one for Lyft, and it will be used by the company to ensure that its nationwide fleet of bikes and scooters to not end up in the trash at the end of their lifetime, which is estimated to be around five years.  

Lyft have said that they will recover the depleted e-bike batteries through its operations teams and will then ship those batteries to Redwood’s facility in Northern Nevada.  

Redwood will then begin the chemical recycling process, in which it removes and refines elements such as nickel, cobalt, and copper. A certain percentage of that material can then be reused into the battery making process. 

Redwood has said that it does all of its recycling domestically and aims for maximum transparency, inviting all of its clients to come to the facility and inspect every inch of the process. 

Many batteries within electric vehicles reach the end of their life span and need recycling. Through partnerships like these, electric vehicle elements and materials can be reused and recovered.