You’re probably thinking, what has Mastercard got to do with mobility? Well, EVERYTHING.

From enabling urban mobility to conduct contactless payments on public transport to removing friction when paying congestion charge in private mobility.

MOVE spoke to Chapin Flynn, Senior Vice President, from Mastercard about everything the company is doing to help make urban mobility as seamless as possible. Whether taking a train, bus, bike, scooter, taxi, ride-hail or driving, riders are moving about urban environments in more diverse ways than ever. Mastercard are working to make rider journeys simpler, quicker and more efficient by introducing and evolving concepts such as open micro-mobility, in-vehicle payments, inclusive public mobility, next-generation congestion, road user charging and more.

Their three mains modes of focus are: public mobility, private mobility, and automotive mobility. For each, the company aims to improve the holistic rider experience.

We discuss how the company removes friction from urban journeys and enabling an inclusive system for all users to conduct frictionless mobility whilst also keeping the planet in mind.

Mastercard will be attending out annual MOVE LONDON event this coming June. To hear them speak about all-things mobility and meet them there, buy your tickets to the event here.