We spoke with Diego Fuentes, CPO and CTO of Metbus, about predictions for the mobility industry and what we expect to hear from him at MOVE: Mobility Reimagined next month.  

Diego will be delivering a presentation on ‘Efficient Scaling Metbus’s EV fleet’ focusing on how Metbus has become one of the biggest operators in the city of Santiago.  

“I am excited to come from the other side of the planet to look at experience. There are also no Latin American speakers so it’s a privilege for me to participate. As a speaker I am going to be sharing our experience that we have here in Chile. I also think I can learn and bring back fresh and new ideas,” said Diego  

Fleet management has developed massively in the coming years, with Metbus having 437 of their fleet already being 100% fully electric. Many cities are also developing electrified fleets and, even further, autonomous fleets to improve cities around the world.  

Fuentes said: “Countries have different challenges, but the base problem is the same. You have passengers to transport and a public service to perform as best as you can. The cities have different configurations, the fares are different, but these different experiences can bring us together to produce better ideas for mass mobility.” 

At MOVE 2022 we have an incredible range of panels/presentations around the topic of Fleet Management, such as:  

  • How businesses are harnessing the power of fleets 
  • How data-driven companies are providing new and innovative solutions for fleets 
  • New fleet subscriptions and leasing models and how they are benefiting mobility 
  • Showing leadership in the shift to electric fleets 

The development of fleets across major cities has enabled innovative solutions to tackle challenges of data management, battery tech and sustainability.  

“I think the biggest developments will be, first, electromobility, battery technologies, hydrogen fuel cells and technologies to manage fleets” commented Diego. 

“Today we have very congested cities, sometimes the plans that you make do not always operate the way you think. Everyday cities have different problems, traffic jams, building problems and you must act fast in the moment. So, I think the technologies should allow for the decision makers to make better decisions but in the moment.” 

To watch the full interview with Diego follow the link below! 

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