Photo: Flickr

Mitsubishi Motors has announced that it will be investing €200 million in Ampere, an electric vehicle (EV) and software company set up by Renault Group.

The investment comes as part of the Japanese automaker’s mid-term management plan which was announced in March 2023. Mitsubishi promised to take steps towards the development of EVs and to strengthen cooperation with its alliance members toward the acceleration phase of electrification.

Mitsubishi Motors has claimed that it aims to further improve its EV development technology and to expand its line-up of EV. As a first step of this collaboration, Ampere will supply an EV on an OEM basis in the European market.

Ampere is set to go public in 2024 and on November 1 2023 Renault and Ampere are officially set to become separate operating entities.

The Megane E-Tech is the company’s only product for now, but more will be coming soon.

In July this year, Renault also re-ignited its alliance to Nissan Motor who were rumoured to invest up to $663 million into Ampere also.

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