Milan have made a proposal to ban the use of cars in the city centre due to heavy amounts of air pollution from traffic and congestion.

After Stockholm recently announced the ban on petrol and diesel cars from the city centre in 2025, Milan has gone one step further and banned the use of cars all together in their metropolis which could come into effect as early as 2024.

Milan is one of Italy’s busiest cities and has a population of around 1.4 million people. However, the city’s air pollutant levels are estimated to be nearly four times the safe limit as per the World Health Organisation (WHO), as reported by Intelligent Living.

During the ‘Il Verde e il Blu Festival,’ a climate change festival, Mayor Sala said:

“Milan must be pioneers and have the courage and common sense to do things,” 


“I am not an antagonist of capitalism, but honestly seeing the parade of supercars in the centre which they then can’t park can’t continue.”

Explicit plans are set to prohibit any private car circulation within the city’s central Quadrilatero della Moda district due to the apparent risk of heavy pollution to human health.

However, accommodations will reportedly be made for residents with garages or underground parking, and essential services such as taxis, public transport, and emergency vehicles will continue to have access in this private-vehicle-free zone.

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