Nikola Corporation has announced that it has created a new global brand, HYLA, to take on the company’s energy products for producing, distributing and dispensing hydrogen to fuel its zero-emissions trucks. 

“Nikola is the only company that is successfully integrating a revolutionary new product, the hydrogen fuel cell truck, and the full hydrogen energy infrastructure supply chain under one roof,” said Nikola CEO and President Michael Lohscheller. “The unveiling of our Nikola Tre fuel cell truck and flexible mobile fueling trailer demonstrates a real and sustainable competitive advantage for our customers and are significant proof points that we are accomplishing what we set out to achieve.” 

The Nikola Tre FCEV has a range of up to 500 miles and is said to be well suited for dryage and intermodal to metro regional truckload and less than truckload to certain specialised hauling use cases.  

The Nikola fueling station has an estimated fueling time of 20 minutes due to technology improvements, said the company’s release. The company expects transitioning from diesel to hydrogen is anticipated to be a seamless experience. 

“The HYLA brand represents Nikola’s hydrogen-focused energy business by supporting our fuel cell electric vehicles and those of other OEMs,” said Carey Mendes, President, Nikola Energy. “Hydrogen energy is the catalyst for the HYLA brand and serves as a forward-looking solution for our customers to help them achieve their sustainability goals and dramatically reduce the overall carbon emissions in the transportation sector.” 

The new HYLA brand is expected to produce up to 300 metric tons per day of hydrogen. Additionally, the company expects to have 60 hydrogen stations in place by 2026 with the first to be in California. 

Furthermore, The HYLA flexible mobile fueler solution is said to be an integral part of Nikola’s flexible customer service by distributing hydrogen to its at locations that meet their needs. 

“The mobile fueler cools and compresses hydrogen to rapidly fill 700 bar FCEV heavy-duty trucks. Coupled with a hydrogen tube trailer with a capacity of 960 kg, the mobile fueler can refuel customer trucks back-to-back.” 

The first mobile fueler has completed commissioning and testing and has been released for market operation. Nikola has additional hydrogen mobile fuelers being commissioned in Q1 2023.

Press release and picture: Nikola Motor