Written and provided by: Outbox

Outbox Storage offer a unique personal parking container for 2 cycles, E-bikes or one smaller cargo bike that is secure, discreet and underground. Installed in a convenient location outside your home, bikes can be easily accessed via an electronic lifting platform and charged overnight. Outbox is the garage for bikes.

Outbox provides an innovative alternative to your hallway, shed or shared street hangers, giving you more storage space, that is more secure, more convenient and ultimately less worry.

Cycles and E bikes can be as expensive as investing in a car, so why not invest in a garage for your bikes?

City councils are removing polluting cars from cities, forcing people into alternative forms of greener transport.

There are still barriers to cycle ownership, one being secure storage. Tens of thousands of cyclists in London are on waiting lists for street cycle hangers. 60% of cycles are stolen from the home. Councils have indicated that Outbox may be more acceptable in conservation areas, due to its minimal visual impact.

Outbox want the government to further encourage cycling by offering incentives for cycle storage and classifying installation as permitted development.

Investment in R&D will make sure that cycles are stored in the most secure product on the market. Outbox is the only personal underground cycle parking available in the UK. This is the homeowners exclusive bike garage, not shared with other cyclists. In certain locations where legislation restricts the erection of above ground structures, Outbox may provide the solution.

The Underground Cycle Garage is the launch product for Outbox. Future products are planned after launch.

Outbox is looking for investment to take their product to market and potential partnerships with manufacturers.