Flowbird, cloud-based mobility and off-street parking solutions provider, has announced a partnership with Umojo, a provider of communication, data analytics, and automation solutions.

The collaboration aims to revolutionize the parking experience in the City of Portland by integrating Umojo’s communication software into Flowbird’s off-street parking devices.

The partnership marks a significant step forward in the evolution of off-street parking, allowing the City of Portland to leverage the latest advancements in communication and data analytics to create a seamless and efficient parking ecosystem.

Benoit Reliquet, President of Flowbird North America, said:

“Umojo’s leadership in Call Center hardware and software perfectly complements our off-street parking solutions, enabling us to provide an unparalleled parking experience to the residents and visitors of Portland. This partnership represents a significant milestone in our mission to deliver innovative, smart parking solutions that enhance urban mobility.”

The technology will enable real-time assistance, facilitating a smoother parking experience and aiming to promptly address any concerns. By incorporating Umojo’s software into Portland’s Command Center, parking authorities will also supposedly have access to comprehensive data analytics and automation tools to streamline operations, optimize resource allocation, and enhance overall efficiency.

Chris Perry, CRO at Umojo, said:

“Our shared vision of delivering intelligent, integrated solutions aligns perfectly with Flowbird’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. We look forward to enabling a seamless parking experience in the City of Portland and expanding our partnership to future projects worldwide.”

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