Around 20 years ago, Rod King MBE campaigned in his local town for a 20 mph speed limit on roads where pedestrians mix with motorists. Fast forward to today and King’s organisation, 20s Plenty for Us, now boasts 600 local campaigns across the entire of the UK.
King talked about his campaign with MOVEMNT at MOVE 2023 and commented on his keynote talk “20’s plenty: maximising the potential of the spaces between buildings that we call streets”.
King asked how cities and towns can sweat the assets of what we call ‘streets’ in order to meet the needs and aspirations of we have right now in the third decade of the 21st century. He endeavours to promote the 20s Plenty Campaign in order to “make your place a better place to be”.
Watch the MBE’s full interview to learn more about his MOVE 2023 and what his personal MOVE sustainability pledge is for the upcoming year.


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