Citroën this month launches My Ami Cargo, a commercial version of its electric ultracompact and all-electric Ami.

The key modification is the passenger seat is replaced by a modular cargo storage compartment giving a useful loading volume of over 400 litres and payload of 140 kg.

Citroën says My Ami Cargo is suited for urban delivery services, which have multiplied with the growth of e-commerce and home food delivery. It’s also a useful solution for local service companies and trades, from florists to computer repair businesses. Because it is zero emissions, drivers generally won’t have to pay to access regulated city areas such as low emission zones.

Like the Ami, My Ami Cargo can be driven in France by 14 year-olds without a driving license. It’s available to buy, but most Amis are on long-term rental plans at €19.99 per month. Citroën also envisages the vehicle will be popular across industrial, leisure and tourist sites.