The joint venture between Renault Group and Jiangling Motors is to launch the new all-electric Mobilize Limo.

Designed primarily for taxis, private hire, and ride-hailing, the car will be offered on a subscription basis and won’t be available to buy.

“The first Mobilize model, Limo, is the new brand’s response to the evolution of the ride-hailing market,” says Clotilde Delbos, the company’s CEO. “This offer, which combines a vehicle and flexible services, illustrates Mobilize’s ability to the changing needs of vehicle users.”

Similar in size to the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4, Mobilize says the Limo offers drivers “the most ergonomically and acoustically comfortable seat possible”. It also has a small fridge between the front seats to keep the driver supplied with chilled beverages through their shift.

For rear passengers the Limo offers a good amount of room with USB charging ports, adjustable air vents and reading lights.

The Limo has a tight turning circle and is powered by a 110 kW electric motor that offers modest but appropriate performance of 60 mph in 9.6 seconds and a top speed of 140km/h

It has a range of “more than 450km” which, says Mobilize, is enough for “one or even two full days of work without recharging.”