Picture and press release: Petromin

Siemens has announced a partnership with Electromin to supply electric vehicle chargers for the development of a Kingdom and region-wide charging networks. 

The company has said that the agreement will ensure supplies of Siemen’s most advanced EV infrastructure technology for Electromin’s network, including the ultra-fast Sicharge D chargers that use direct, current and the smart Versicharge AC wall or pole mounted units that run on alternating current. 

“Electromin’s eMaaS solutions are contributing to the development of the Saudi EV ecosystem, and this partnership with Siemens will allow us to provide the charging infrastructure and technology necessary to boost adoption of EVs in the Kingdom,” said Kalyana Sivagnanam, GCEO of Petromin Corporation and CEO Electromin. “The rollout of EV charging points across Saudi Arabia is our first phase of a significant national strategy that extends to 2030 and beyond.” 

Electromin is also said to be developing a consumer app that will allow users to locate public charges, plan their route and book and pay for sessions. 

“We look forward to working with Electromin on this important project that demonstrates our commitment to supporting sustainability programs in Saudi Arabia,” said Karim Mousa, Senior Vice President of eMobility for Siemens in the Middle East. “Electric vehicles are the key technology to decarbonize road transport, and Siemens is proud to provide the infrastructure that accelerates the growth of EVs and contributes to the Saudi Green Initiative.” 

Saudi Arabia is now committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2060. The governments wants three of every 10 vehicles in the Saudi capital Riyadh to be EVs by 2030.