AeroMobil, the Slovakian developer of the world’s first production flying car, has announced its next generation model the AM NEXT, with deliveries promised in 2024.

AeroMobil says the primary business model for the new four-seater half-car, half-plane is a fleet aerial ride-hailing service which could be in service by 2027. In particular it will target regional routes “which are too far to drive and too short, or inconvenient, to fly”. The obvious rider benefit is door-to-door, single-seat convenience.

AeroMobil says a major advantages over other advanced air mobility solutions technology is it uses existing infrastructure (there are it says, over 10,000 suitable landing strips in the US), fits existing automotive and aviation regulation, and has significantly greater range than eVTOL craft.

AeroMobil claims its business model is also capital and overhead efficient. The company engineers and designs the hardware and software, and will manage the customer experience through a proprietary flight booking app. Manufacturing and fleet operations will be outsourced to leading specialists in these fields.

Patrick Hessel, CEO of AeroMobil said, “We are excited to announce the second revolutionary model of AeroMobil’s true flying car. The AM NEXT will disrupt and democratise the regional travel market. It will provide a better, and in many cases previously unavailable, solution to trips in the 100-500 mile range.”

Coinciding with the announcement AeroMobil is touring the prototype 2-seater AM4.0 flying car in the United States, with public viewing and with private appointments for investors, buyers and operators.