Florida based electric boat manufacturer Ingenity Electric has developed what is claimed to be the first 100% electric towboat for waterskiing, with the first boat being put in operation this month at Lake Tahoe which straddles the California and Nevada border.

The Ingenity Experience is an initiative in partnership with Lake Tahoe based Homewood High & Dry Marina, Superior Boat Repair & Sales, and Tahoe Surf Company, which offers guests to the largest freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada “an exclusive on-water outing on Ingenity’s groundbreaking fully-electric towboat”… to “experience how Ingenity uses electric propulsion technology to create an unparalleled connection to the water as they get behind the multisport Super Air Nautique GS22E on scenic Lake Tahoe.”

Sean Marrero, President of Ingenity Electric says, “We’re excited to show people just how unique and fun sustainable boating is. You won’t be able to tell the boat is electric by the wave you’re surfing, but hundreds of pounds of CO2 emissions are saved every time the boat goes out.

“It’s hard to come to a special place like Lake Tahoe and not feel an awesome responsibility for maintaining its beauty for future generations,” added Marrero. “Not only does water cover 70% of the earth, it is 60% of our bodies. When we protect water, we protect ourselves. We want people to join us, and we think they’ll be happy when they see what Ingenity is doing to make sustainability this much fun.”