Tesla has announced that it will be offering all its customers who place an order before the end of 2022 the equivalent of 6,000 miles of free electric vehicle charging from its Supercharger network.  

The buying incentive comes as a nice surprise as many OEM’s cannot offer discounts due to the pressure being placed on supply chains. 

An email issued by the brand said: “Tesla has decided to grant free Supercharger credits, equivalent to approximately 6,000 miles of driving, if you take delivery of a Tesla vehicle between December 15 and December 31, 2022. The free Supercharger credits will be credited to your Tesla Account in the month of January 2023 and will remain valid for a period of two calendar years from the delivery date. The free Supercharger credits cannot be transferred to another vehicle or person and cease to be valid in case of an ownership transfer of your vehicle.” 

Some Tesla superfans have estimated that the gift was worth about £800 based on current Supercharger rates. The automaker has also been discounting its cars in China to boost sales and many predict that the company will continue that here and in other countries.