The Colorado Smart City Alliance has recently launched the C2 Challenge, that aims to address four specific problems faced by the residents of Colorado: housing stability, safe streets, community resilience, and civic engagement. 

It is said that communities are still struggling to rebuild and think about the future after the COVID-19 pandemic and this challenge offers the ability to find solutions through an outcome driven process.  

The aim is to identify and test innovative solutions for challenges threatening Colorados quality of life. This is a great opportunity for Colorado to collaborate with other smart cities to develop solutions in real world environments. 

The C² Challenge process is being divided into three separate stages: 


  • Proposals are submitted via the provided intake form 
  • Deployment Board (made up of participating government employees) evaluates solutions 
  • Deployment Board members choose solutions to implement in their communities 


  • Cities partner with providers to implement solutions in their communities 


  • Assess results for outcomes 

The Challenge was launched on June 30th and winners of the challenge will be announced at the beginning of October. It gives great opportunities to gain exposure within the Alliance network, which is composed of more than 70 public, private, academic and allied members.  

This is a great opportunity for people to get involved and tackle high priority issues within their community.