The new Renault Scenic Vision concept is revealed, which not only previews early looks at future EV’s, which we are no stranger to seeing, but the new Scenic presents futuristic technologies. The Scenic concept points to its new ambitions for innovative tech.  

The futuristic technology promises to include a hydrogen range-extender powertrain, with the same motor as the electric Megane delivering 211bhp powered by a 40kWh battery, but the battery can also be charged by a 15-kW hydrogen fuel cell. Renault claim that a five-minute hydrogen top-up will yield a range of 500 miles.  

Not only does Renault provide advanced technology, but it also claims that 70 per cent of the materials in the Scenic Concept are recycled, and 95 per cent of the car can subsequently be recycled.  

It all sounds very enticing; however, the car is not set to arrive with the electric Scenic in 2024.  

When the Scenic EV arrives, it will certainly be powered by a similar powertrain to the Megane E-Tech, which means an output of up to 215bhp powered by a 60kWh battery and a range of around 300 miles. 

Not only will the power train be more prosaic than the clever hydrogen range-extender in the concept, so too will the use of recycled materials, expected to be just 25 per cent. 

A new Renault Scenic E-tech in 2024 will most definitely be on the wish list for many people, however it will unfortunately be a wish list for the future.