Uber has launched a new service, Uber Green, that allows users in central London to request an all-electric vehicle at the same cost as a standard Uber trip.

Only fully electric vehicles are eligible for Uber Green trips. Hybrids and plug-in hybrids are excluded.

The on-request service is an extension of a programme Uber introduced in 2019 linked to London’s Clean Air Plan. It supports Uber’s stated aim of making every Uber car in London fully electric by 2025.

Under the agreement, Uber adds a surcharge of 15p/mile which is available as a reduction in the service fee to Uber drivers to incentivise them to switch to a fully electric vehicle. Drivers typically save £4,500 against the cost of an electric vehicle through the scheme

Currently trips must originate in London’s central Zone 1, but destinations can be anywhere.

Uber is now planning to expand the service across the whole of London and by the end of 2021 says Uber Green will be live in 60 major European cities, providing coverage across 80% of Uber’s European business. Uber Green is also set to be available in 1,400 US locations by the end of the year.