Univrses and the Swedish Transport Administration have announced a new partnership to help optimise the country’s road infrastructure management.  

This partnership is said to use Univrses’ cutting-edge AI software, 3DAI™ City, to digitize and manage roadside infrastructure, ultimately contributing to a safer, more sustainable and efficient transportation network. 

The need for more efficient monitoring and maintenance of Sweden’s road network comes after the administration has recognised the growing population and ongoing urbanization.  

In response to these issues, Trafikverket has recently signed a contract with AI company Univrses to work on a revolutionary project, called Digital Summer, for Connected Road Surface Monitoring. 

Through this partnership, Trafikverket will harness the power of advanced machine learning technology to enhance the management of Swedish roads.  

The company have stated that during Digital Summer, Univrses’ 3DAI™ City platform will be used to capture changes in the condition of road surfaces through connected vehicle cameras.  

The AI software allows for the digitization of Sweden’s roadside infrastructure, transforming physical assets into live data and generating never-before-seen insights. Univrses’ scalable Analytics tools enable transportation officials and infrastructure managers to efficiently monitor roads and roadside assets and make better-informed decisions. This helps streamline operations and allows them to work proactively to benefit both the environment and society at large. 

Björn Eklund, Project Sponsor at Trafikverket, stated, “Univrses and Zenseact is one of three partnerships we have started up which aim to explore innovative solutions for the development of better road infrastructure management. This joint effort aligns with Trafikverket’s objectives of enhancing safety, efficiency, and sustainability in the transportation sector while keeping innovation at the forefront in managing Swedish road networks.” 

Another key player in this project is Zenseact and through the partnership, with their help, the company’s will be taking a significant step towards a smarter road transportation network in Sweden and also helps to set an example for the world.  

Image: Univrses