Picture: Wing

Today, Wing has announced that it will be taking the first step towards opening their platforms so Wing’s drone delivery service can be accessed through third party apps.

They will be partnering with global on-demand delivery leader DoorDash for a pilot project in Australia.

Selected customers in Logan, Australia will be able to order a range of convenience and grocery items, pantry staples, snacks, and household essentials directly through the DoorDash App and have them delivered by a Wing drone, typically in 15 minutes or less, says the company’s press release. Initially available to a small number of households, but will gradually expand availability in the coming months.

This is a great step forward towards building a drone delivery service that is highly integrable and capable of scaling quickly. Wing have already begun scaling their operations, moving them closer to retailers.

In Australia, the company has set up a drone delivery hub on the rooftop of a local shopping center. In Dallas, they have evolved this concept into their first “store-to-door” operation and have just recently announced the expansion of this model to Australia’s Gold Coast.

Wing has said that they see this new functionality as a “logical step on this journey to make drone delivery a plug-and-play option for more businesses and consumers – no matter what app they use.”