Beam has announced that it has begun integration of its path detection technology, Pedestrian Shield, onto several of its Auckland e-scooter fleet. Initially, 200 e-scooters will be fitted with the technology, which will be powered by Drover AI’s PathPilot product.  

The AI-powered technology will be able to detect whether an e-scooter is travelling on a road, footpath or cycle lane, which will allow for customised education and enforcement to riders, and assisting policymakers in their urban planning.  

The initial phase of integration will hear a range of audible sounds on e-scooters with Pedestrian Shield integrated which change as the e-scooter travels between road, bike path and footpath, indicating to the rider that the e-scooter has identified the surface they are riding on. 

Drover’s co-founder Alex Nesic says: “We are thrilled to support Beam with the introduction of our cutting-edge technology to the streets of New Zealand, with the objective of ensuring smarter, safer and more organized shared micromobility for riders and other right-of-way users alike.  

“Beam has done a tremendous job growing the popularity of shared scooters in the region and Drover is keen to help them continue to improve the experience.” 

The second phase of integration is scheduled for later this year and the scooters equipped with the new technology will have the ability to cap riders at different maximum speeds depending on the surface. area. 

Beam’s General Manager (ANZ) Tom Cooper says: “This is a big step forward for the shared micromobility industry in the region, allowing cities better understanding and control of how Beam’s e-scooter riders are using the city’s road infrastructure. 

“As cities adapt quickly to more forms of micromobility as a mode of transportation, we are committed to investing in technology to ensure Beam’s vehicles are best-equipped to serve both riders and the wider community. 

“The integration of Pedestrian Shield will happen in gradual stages, to ensure the highest degree of accuracy in surface detection for the safety of Auckland’s Road users. 

“With Beam’s current permit in Auckland running to 2024, this gives us an opportunity to increase our investment in e-scooter technology across the city, including even more industry-first features which we look forward to introducing to Auckland first in the coming months.”  ‘

Press release and picture: Beam