Desten, a Hong Kong-based lithium-ion battery industry manufacturer, says it has developed an ultrafast charging solution for electric vehicles (EV) that is nearly three times faster than existing superfast chargers.

The company plans to showcase the technology during a global roadshow starting in Asia and later moving to the Middle East and North American markets.

In a statement, Desten said its ultra-fast charger delivers 900kW of power and will provide sufficient charge for a Desten battery-powered car to travel 500km in less than five minutes, typically the time taken to refuel a regular car.

Desten also claims the cell will provide an industry-leading 3,000 charge cycles, equating to 1.5 million kilometres of total driving range.

Desten’s charging model will rely on large storage batteries between the car and the grid. These will charge more or less constantly at a low rate from the grid but support discharging at the 900kW rate without creating spikes in the grid or the need for expensive network upgrades.

A common concern with fast charging is the risk of heat build up, again Desten is claiming technology breakthroughs that offer high thermal stability and remain cool throughout operation.”

Desten Group CEO Siamak Kia said being able to charge a vehicle within five minutes would make EVs more appealing, do away with the need to change driving behaviours, and leverage the available petrol station infrastructures. “Soon you will be able to purchase electric cars with Desten batteries inside, you will not have to wait to charge your car at a charging station any longer than it takes you to fuel your combustion car today.”