Picture: CEO Weekly

We had the great pleasure of catching up with Teague Egan, CEO and Founder of EnergyX, to talk about the increasing demand for raw materials and what he will be presenting at MOVE: Mobility Reimagined in June.  

The worlds transition to electric powered vehicles is becoming faster and stronger than ever and with that, the battery tech industry is seeing a huge increase in demand for raw materials, especially lithium. 

“Energy X was a company that I started to try and address the challenges around Lithium supply, lithium being one of the most important battery materials for the electric vehicle revolution,” said Egan.  

“The biggest bottle neck for the electric vehicle transition are the raw materials and batteries. Most of the other parts of cars already exist. It’s the battery that is the major change here in the vehicle. We’ve never needed this big of a battery, or needed this many, so building our infrastructure around those supply chains is becoming ever more important.” 

The demand for lithium has skyrocketed, having increased by 5 or 6 times over the last 10 years and showing no sign of slowing down. Until now, there has not been anywhere near as much demand for lithium and therefore, innovation in production methods is needed now more than ever.  

“There’s still not a commercial direct lithium extraction company out there. The first person that does it is going to see huge success. We are racing towards that finish line,” said Teague.  

Teague will be appearing at MOVE 2022 to talk about ‘The tech that’s overhauling lithium extraction’. Other talks regarding lithium extraction include a presentation by Jeremy Wrathall, CEO of Cornish Lithium, who will be discussing ‘How eco-mining companies are sustainably extracting lithium.’  

“MOVE is going to be an awesome show, you guys have a stella line up, and for me it’s always interesting and fun to meet other people that are working on solving really hard problems.” said Egan  

He continues to say: “I go to these things to learn just as much as anyone else, I certainly have a story to tell, and I hope that I can share some of my knowledge and experiences… To go into these things and meet people from different disciplines, different backgrounds, you just never know when you’re going to get that one idea or meet that one person that’s going to change everything.” 

Developing new lithium extraction technologies is at the forefront of the battery tech revolution and has a significant part to play within the mobility industry. We will have various talks on the topic at MOVE 2022 such as next generation battery technology and the industry’s perspective on battery tech, plus many more. 

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