We had the pleasure of speaking with Peter Hafmar, VP & Head of Autonomous Solutions at Scania, about the developments in the mobility industry and what we expect to hear from them at our MOVE: Mobility Reimagined event in June.

Peter will be speaking at MOVE this year and has said: “We are excited to be sharing insights with colleagues in the industry, and for me, to learn what others are doing.”

“Autonomous vehicles will enhance efficiency and safety, as well as significantly reducing CO2 emissions, creating value for the entire transport ecosystem,” said Hafmar. “To create a sustainable future, we need to transform the whole transport system and autonomy is a major enabler for this to happen. An automated truck can drive at speeds that optimise the vehicle’s fuel consumption, while also addressing issues of traffic congestion and air pollution by operating at non-peak times on electric power.”

He continues to say: “Autonomous trucks will be safer due to the fact that they will be able to carry out assignments of all distances, be it in cities or over long-haul journeys, at steady speeds. They can be on the roads at times when there is less traffic, without the need for driver pauses”

“There will also be no risk of tiredness or distractions diverting a self-driving vehicle from its destination, and its sensors will enable it to take safe and evasive action should obstacles such as animals be on the roadway. And the efficiency of 24/7 transports taking optimised routes will further improve the margins of the always-hard-pressed logistics industry. “

At MOVE 2022, providing sustainable solutions using autonomous vehicles, is at the forefront of our agenda. Peter will be hosting a session on ‘How AVs are revolutionising movement of goods in warehouses and mines today.’

He will discuss how autonomous vehicles are used to transport goods and in mining solutions, which will be at the forefront of the mobility industry in the coming years.

Peter commented on the development of the autonomous industry by saying: “We are now on a journey that is more reliable and predictable. What is going to happen in the next coming years is that we will see solutions that are more usable for the sake of the customer rather than for the sake of the technology.”

MOVE 2022 will see a variety of panel discussions and presentations around autonomous vehicles – with an entire conference track on Day 1 of the event, dedicated to the topic. Do not miss panels/presentations on the following topics:

  • All roads leading to AV: addressing the autonomous problem
  • Making the Earth Move with Oxbotica MetaDriver
  • The latest advances in AV technology and building public acceptance
  • Driving Toward Data-Driven Autonomy: Using Scalable Technologies to Develop More Robust Automated Driving Models
  • The new market opportunity for robotaxis and shuttles
  • New insurance models for an autonomous future
  • Reaching level 5 autonomy with computing and neuromorphic vision

Peter has said that he will be using MOVE 2022 to “get inspiration from others, through partnerships and understanding the complexity of this massive system. It is also to spread the word about what Scania is doing.”