Picture: Automotive Power

We have had the great pleasure of catching up with Lee Ma, Chairman of the Volvo Tech Fund and Deputy CFO of Volvo Car Group, to talk about MOVE 2022 and the future of transport and mobility.

Volvo cars have a long and rich history, having just celebrated their 100-year anniversary. We are excited to hear about the new projects that the Volvo tech fund is pursuing and what plans the car group has for the future.

Lee will be appearing at MOVE 2022 this year for the first time, to “explore new opportunities and find potential partners.” He will be participating in the panel discussion in our Start-Up theatre ‘alongside the World Fund, Autotech Venutres and Woven Capital, to discuss the current landscape of ‘investing in mobility’s most exciting start ups’. Register for the event here to sign up for this session.

With recent investments in Carwow, Storedot and Bcomp, the Volvo Tech Fund continues to look for the next breakthrough companies shaping the future of transport.

Bcomp is particuarly interesting – a startup providing flax-based materials which can replace plastic in the interior of Volvo cars and hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, the exterior parts of Volvo cars as well. Watch this space.

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