We spoke with CEO and founder of Cornish Lithium, Jeremy Wrathall, about some of the projects Cornish Lithium have undertaken, and what we will expect to hear from them at our MOVE: Mobility Reimagined event in June. 

Jeremy will be speaking at MOVE this year and has said: “we are very excited to present at MOVE this year as it is all about electric vehicles and modern transport, and we see ourselves as being very much part of that.”  

To say that lithium extraction is essential within the mobility industry would be an understatement. As the transition from petrol powered vehicles to electric vehicles is booming quicker than ever, it is essential that we have sustainable methods to power these vehicles.  

“We pride ourselves on sustainability right from the start. It is not something that we have backloaded, as many other mining companies do. Sustainability and ESG is at our very heart.” Jeremy said.  

He continues to say, “every ton of lithium carbonate we can produce here, is one ton less that we have to import and its associated carbon footprint.” 

At MOVE 2022, sustainability within the battery tech industry is among the key themes of our agenda. Jeremy will be hosting a talk about ‘How eco-mining companies are sustainably extracting lithium.’
He will be talking about the demand for raw materials, and the significance of lithium carbonate production in the UK.  

Jeremy has said: “we will be using MOVE 2022 to really focus people’s minds on where the stuff that is within their electric car comes from, was it associated with child labour, was it associated with high carbon production like a lot of the things in China, are they using fossil fuels to produce this…we can’t just accept driving round in car or using an iPhone without knowing where the metals come from. We are really excited to be there.” 

MOVE will also have talks regarding the technology that has become a major part of lithium extraction. Teague Egan, founder, and CEO of EnergyX, will be talking alongside Chris Cann to talk about ‘The tech that’s overhauling lithium extraction.’  

The future for battery technology is exciting and promising, however, with increasing demand comes an increasing sustainable responsibility. Battery tech innovation is key to the mobility industry and we will have various talks ranging from the demand for raw materials, their use in battery tech and the infrastructure of battery tech itself.  

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You can watch the full interview with Jeremy Wrathall below: