Tata Elxsi has partnered with Cultos Global to combine a Blockchain mechanism from Cultos with its Tether Connected Vehicle Platform to create a Driver Reward Program. The programme will track driver behaviour using analytics from the cloud-first Tether connected vehicle platform.

The programme is augmented with ADAS and driver monitoring features enabling a new way of positively impacting driver behaviour incentivised through a high-trust and high-privacy blockchain model.

The integrated solution will provide mobility players with a dynamic rewards platform that enables consistent engagement and positive behaviour modification through gamification. The driving scorecard is a single digital identifier for a user and can be used across the ecosystem. It will give access to first-party data for mobility providers with enhanced privacy for end consumers.

Nitin Pai, CSO & CMO at Tata Elxsi, said:

“This collaboration marks an important milestone in our journey to leverage emerging technologies and enhance driver and passenger safety and experience – whether it is a mobility provider, vehicle brand, fleet owner, or a road transport authority that aims to positively impact driver behaviour and road safety using gamification and incentivisation and creates reputation, reliability and monetisation opportunities.”


“By harnessing the immutable nature of blockchain, we are elevating the program’s integrity, security, and transparency. Through this integration, we aim to create a seamless and rewarding experience for our drivers, fostering trust, loyalty, and long-term engagement. Together, we are redefining the future of driver rewards and setting new industry benchmarks.”