Press release: eleven-X

eleven-X have announced that it has been selected by the City of Guelph to help the municipality improve the management and oversight of their two-hour free parking program by implementing the company’s innovative eXactpark solution.  

eleven-x’s smart parking solution enables comprehensive parking monitoring via a real-time sensor-based stall occupancy technology and a comprehensive software and parking intelligence platform which enables effective management of the city’s parking assets, says the company’s press release.  

The comprehensive solution incorporates eleven-x’s SPS-X sensor, which provides the stall occupancy data to the eXactpark software suite.  

The sensor utilises multiple technologies including magnetic sensing, radar, Bluetooth, along with advanced edge processing, to provide industry-leading battery life, reliability and most importantly accuracy.  

The company has said that sensors will be installed in two phases, starting with 250 stalls across the municipality’s unique downtown district, with an additional 1,750 projected to be deployed throughout the city to provide advanced real-time analytics of key parking metrics.  

The eXactpark software suite provides parking intelligence software to the city and will also enable intelligent parking enforcement capabilities so the city can improve its monitoring capabilities for its two-hour free parking program. The sensors will detect how long vehicles are parked in a space and will be used to enforce the free two-hour limit and to inform longer-term planning for parking needs. 

“Many municipalities have free parking policies. It is typically challenging to efficiently monitor, manage and ensure usage compliance for a resource that is offered free of charge. This makes it difficult to maintain the best experience for drivers, since it leads to excessive traffic, and frustrates residents, visitors and ultimately the small business owners who rely on them,” said Dan Mathers, President and CEO of eleven-x. “The capabilities that eXactpark provides, including real-time availability and intelligent enforcement, will help the City of Guelph to streamline parking operations, resulting in cost savings, while at the same time reducing traffic and improving access to downtown businesses.” 

EXactpark’s intelligent enforcement and real-time status and monitoring capabilities have been deemed essential to the city as it helps reduce cruise times, improves road safety and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. 

“This technology will help make parking downtown easier and more convenient. Eventually, this data will be available on our website so visitors will know – in real time – how many parking spaces are available before they head downtown. These sensors will also improve road safety and lower greenhouse gas emissions across the city.” said Jamie Zettle, Program Manager, Parking at the City of Guelph. “We decided to partner with eleven-x since we have seen the successful deployment of the company’s eXactpark solution in multiple major cities and institutions across North America.”