Ford drivers will legally be able to take their hands off the wheel after its BlueCruise technology is approved in the UK.  

Ministers have already approved the hands-off feature for use only on certain motorways. The technology will be able to control steering, acceleration and braking. A camera, however, will monitor a driver’s eyes so they stay alert.  

The feature will also be able to keep a safe distance from other cars and be able to stop in traffic jams. 

BlueCruise will be available for 2023 models of its electric Mustang Mach-E SUV at first and will only be offered on a subscription basis.  

Users will have access to the technology through the purchase of the £50,830 car for the first 90 days, after that, drivers will then have to sign up for a monthly subscription. 

Deliveries of the new model started last month. It has a maximum speed of 80mph and uses both cameras and sensors to detect lane markings and speed signs, as well as the position and speed of other cars on the road. 

Ford’s BlueCruise technology represents “Level 2” driver assistance system. This still requires a human driver to take control should something go wrong.  

In the US and Canada, Ford’s technology has been available since 2021. The company has said that in the last couple of years, more than 190,000 Ford and Lincoln vehicles have covered more than 60 million miles using the technology without any accidents reported.