Hyundai has officially opened the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore (HMGICS) with the hopes of accelerating the delivery of the company’s human-centric future mobility vision and to potentially start developing robotaxis.

The facility introduces a new ‘smart urban mobility hub’ concept, which includes an automated flexible production system and provides ways for electric vehicle (EV) buyers to interact with their vehicles and the Hyundai brand.

The Group has claimed that they opened the facility as part of their strides towards creating sustainable mobility solutions. HMGICS hopes to provide as a sturdy pillar the company’s position in the electrification era over the next 50 years.

Hyundai has chosen Singapore as the home for the first smart urban mobility hub. With a human-centric manufacturing approach, HMGICS will enable a collaboration between people, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in order to achieve new levels of synchronisation.

Integrated into the Jurong Innovation District urban landscape and the broader Singapore smart city ecosystem, the seven-story facility has the capacity to manufacture up to 30,000 EVs per year.

HMGICS has already produced IONIQ 5 and the fully autonomous IONIQ 5 robotaxi and will add IONIQ 6 to its portfolio of models built on-site next year. The facility will serve as a testbed for developing future mobility solutions — including Purpose Built Vehicles (PBVs).

Euisun Chung, Hyundai Motor Group Executive Chair, said:

“HMGICS is an open and connected urban innovation hub that encourages and embraces creativity and collaboration. It seeks to completely redefine the very concept of manufacturing.” 

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