Brice Adamson President of Enterprise Fleet Management spoke recently at the MOVE America conference about how EFM enabled Domino’s Pizza to deploy 1,100 electric vehicles (EVs) as part of their delivery fleet.

With a mission to maximise fleet performance and mitigate financial risk with their predictive tools and technology, Enterprise’s analytics software offers real-time cost and performance insights that consider their client’s fleet mileage, insurance costs, driver downtime, vehicle depreciation and more.

Adamson stated that the company begin by learning their client’s objectives and goals and then use their software to help to advise on which fleet best suits them achieve those specific targets.

In a real-life example, Domino’s Pizza told the fleet management company that they wanted to reach zero-emissions in their pizza delivery fleet by 2050, after which Adamson explained that EFM recommended the fully-electric Chevrolet Bolt to put those 1,100 vehicles on the road in just one year.

Watch the full interview to learn more about where EFM are headed towards in helping fleet operations achieve their sustainability goals more efficiently and where they’ll be expanding their services to.

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