Picture: Business Wire

Helbiz, a leader in micro mobility services that was launched in 2015, has announced that it will be opening operations in Orlando Florida. 

Helbiz utilizes a customised, proprietary fleet management technology, artificial intelligence and environmental mapping to optimize operations and business sustainability. 

The New York based company will launch its newest e-bike model, featuring the latest GPS technology, which identifies no-ride zones and automatically slows riders down in designated areas. The lightweight model is equipped with a Shimano 3-speed hub for better energy efficiency and an enclosed front basket with a phone holder to protect small items while riding. The permit is granted is up to 400 bikes.  

“We’re thrilled to introduce our newest e-bike model in Orlando, further expanding our presence in Florida,” said Salvatore Palella, CEO of Helbiz. 

“These lightweight bikes are a great, safe addition to our micro-mobility fleet. As temperatures rise this summer, we’ve already seen great adoption with our e-bikes across several markets as users look for transportation alternatives that can give them a little boost.” 

The e-bikes will be available starting mid-July in Downtown Orlando. Riders can unlock the e-bikes for $1 and then 39 cents per minute. Helbiz provides free helmets for riders to order at their website and for pick up at local businesses, including Drunken Monkey Coffee.