Gurugram-based startup, Hopcharge, who were founded in 2019, claims to be providing the world’s first on-demand electric vehicle charging service at the user’s door. 

Across the world Electric Vehicles are being adopted and are expanding rapidly. This is part of the surge to transition to electric mobility to create a cleaner and more sustainable environment. However, for parts of the world such as India, electric vehicle adoption is not as quick and is seeing a slow growth. A key part of this issue is that there are not enough chargers available for its users and the unavailability of charging infrastructure. 

Therefore, BITS Pilani alumnus Arjun Singh partnered with IIT Delhi alumnus to launch Hopcharge in 2019, to solve this issue. The startup offers an on-demand EV charging service at your doorstep with portfolio of technology IP granted in both India and the US.  

According to Hopcharge, it has a unique charging technology that was made in India, enables modular and mobile charging infrastructure that augments local grid, minimises expensive grid upgrades, and saves productive time for EV owners.  

Arjun has said: “We aim to solve major challenges in e-mobility transition by providing convenient EV charging solutions at the doorstep.” 

He continues to say:  “Hopcharge is working to help more people switch to electric mobility, and hence contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions that has an impact on our health and has a bigger negative impact on the country’s GDP.” 

Hopcharge hopes to eliminate the struggles of home charging installation such as speed of charging, regular load/demand chargers and how quickly the charging takes place.  

This could be a real step forward for the country’s transition to electric vehicles and therefore we are excited to see the future for what Hopcharge will bring.