US hydrogen fuel cell powered commercial vehicle developer Hyzon has launched a leasing service for the provision of heavy-duty fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) in the European Union.

The lease model represents the first step in the development of a holistic fleet leasing offering for the European market that is expected to include hydrogen fuel, insurance, service and maintenance.

Working with partners, Hyzon says it is actively developing complete end-to-end lifecycle solutions that enable fleet operators to make the transition to hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles, which include the company’s heavy duty trucks, buses and coaches.

Hyzon’s aim is to offer hydrogen fuel cell trucks at total cost of ownership parity with diesel-powered commercial vehicles.

Hyzon expects Europe to lead the roll-out of heavy duty hydrogen mobility and is positioning itself to play a significant role in this transition, through its manufacturing base in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Craig Knight, Hyzon’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “This leasing service aims to offer the quickest possible pathway for our customers to make the transition to zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell-powered heavy vehicles that can go toe-to-toe with diesel engines on both costs and refueling time.”