EV Driver provides electric vehicle charge point solutions for home, workplace, and commercial charging.

Linda Grave is the CEO at EV Driver and is an entrepreneur with fifteen years of experience in EV-related business. Having built a respected and reliable network of public EV charging points, which was recently merged with another CPO network, she is a pioneer in EV roaming and interoperability in the UK and Europe. This has brought together networks to make charging easy for all.

Linda spoke to MOVE about what drove her towards the emobility sector and how her EV driver network has grown to impact the mobility industry today.


Q: For those who don’t know tell us a bit about EV Driver and what you do.

I’m Linda Grave the founder of EV Driver consultancy, I bring together independent consultants together under one umbrella to provide fully independent advice to businesses wishing to implement EV charging infrastructure and operational systems , working with councils and private business to ensure we have Future proofed , Fit for purpose and Reliable EV charging.


Q: What led you into working in the emobility sector?

My previous business was in the renewable energy sector ,carrying out the design, supply and installation of solar PV amongst other technologies, back as early as 2010 I had forward thinking customers asking me about EV’s ,once I started researching , I was hooked and put my £1000 down on that illusive Tesla Model 3, 3 years and 2 Nissan Leaf’s later I finally took delivery of it.


Q: What drove your passion for sustainability?

I was born with it, growing up in the countryside , in a tumbled down house that needed years of renovation , my mother ran an antique shop ( this was thrust upon her as my father died when I was 10) , so taking old things, repairing them and selling them on was in blood. We new the value of a kW very early on, if you have to chop the wood, stack it and bring in the house to burn you soon learn the value of a kW.

Then in 2000, I was looking for solar thermal for my house (we needed a new hot water cylinder and I had read about solar thermal), the friend of a friend who installed mine was looking for help with the new business venture and I was looking for a new venture.

By  2006 we had  incorporated East Green Energy and it grew from there , we gave up our other jobs to fully focus on renewables and we were turning over £2mill shortly after that.  I very much liked the electric side of the business ( it doesn’t leak!) so we got MSC certified and rode the FiT roller coaster for the next 10 years. It’s great to see solar standing on its own without the need for subsidies..


Q: You started off in 2016 building the EV Driver network of public charge points in the East of England. Tell us a bit about this and what has been the impact of this work?

It all started because of wanting to drive an EV, I knew the East was going to be poorly served for some time as the government rightly needed to focus on inner cities , we were not likely to see much infrastructure in rural areas for a while, so I thought I had better build a public network of charge points in the East, so I can get out to see my customers. Having put together all the pieces of the puzzle that go into making a EV charging network


Q: One of the biggest challenges facing EV adoption is lack of infrastructure. How does EV Driver help governments and businesses build EV networks?

It’s fascinating working with the private and public sector, they have very different approaches and needs, it’s very important to understand the needs and make sure you have all the stake holders engaged in the process early on. By being completely independent and by staying in touch with the wider industry means we (EV Driver) can offer unbiased and future proofed advise to our clients. Importantly this is not a one size fits all industry we must make sure we have the right solution in the right place delivering what it says on the tin.


Q: What can we expect to see from EV Driver over the next few years?

More help and support for CPO’s, businesses and councils, there is a lot to be done lets make sure we get it right.


Q: What can we expect to hear from you at MOVE 2023?

It’s all about startup’s, I was born into a start up business and have started and exited a few of my own along the way , so I am so looking forward to seeing what’s new and trending at MOVE 2023.