As part of its new EV strategy APCOA Parking will be making an investment to expand its AC charging infrastructure. This will include plans to install 100,000 electric vehicle chargers across its car parks in 13 countries across Europe by 2035. The goal is to become the leading EV charging operator.  

A new digital platform will enable the integration of multiple partners and serv ices as well as providing the front end to the parking customer.  

“The transition to electric mobility as the dominant technical solution in road traffic is an irreversible trend. EV charging infrastructure thus represents a major component of the transformation of APCOA’s car parks into ‘Urban Hubs’,” said Philippe Op de Beeck, CEO of APCOA Parking Group.  

“For customers, the extended service infrastructure will increase the attractiveness of our locations. For us as an operator, we see substantial revenue potential from upgrading our parking sites with EV charging and other Urban Services.” 

APCOA will work alongside its clients to roll out these charging facilities, upgrading the energy grid where necessary, to offer EV users the best charging experience in accordance with their needs and expected parking time.  

As of today, around 2,500 EV charging stations are available in car parks operated by APCOA. The company expects the demand for charging stations to further increase as the number of EVs continue to grow.