Tartu and Tallinn have announced that they have signed a contract with the Latvian transport solutions start-up mobility.delivered for the development of a travel planner and ticket purchase application that combines different mobility services.  

The aim is to consolidate the systems of public transport, taxis, electric scooters, and other mobility providers in Tallinn and Tartu into a single travel planner. This will also allow riders to pay for the ride on the same platform with a single payment.  

According to Tartu Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm, diverse mobility services and their active use are of great importance to Tartu.  

He commented: ‘This will help achieve our ambitious environmental goals. In the future, the application in question will allow both residents of Tartu and our guests to easily plan their movements, make choices between different modes of travel, and conveniently pay for all services used with a single payment. I am very happy that we have teamed up with Tallinn and that an innovative and necessary application will be introduced in the two largest cities of Estonia at the same time.’ 

Jānis Meirans, CEO of mobility.delivered, the leading partner of the consortium that won the tender, said that the mobility service implementation project provides an opportunity to bring the company’s knowledge and innovative solutions to the transport sector.  

He said: ‘The integration of different modes of transport into one system is extremely interesting. Our ultimate goal is to have a large and positive impact on the way people move, which is in line with our vision to revolutionize transportation for communities everywhere,’ said Meirans. ‘We are sure that the residents of and visitors to Tallinn and Tartu will appreciate our joint efforts to offer sustainable and comfortable everyday transport in one solution.’ 

The contract has an amount of EUR 120,000 with the European Regional Development Fund co-financing part of the procurement volume through the activity of supporting innovation-promoting procurements.  

The release has stated that the other half is jointly covered by the cities of Tallinn and Tartu so that Tallinn’s share of project financing is one-third and Tartu’s share is one-sixth. 

According to the contract, the platform must be open to users by the end of August of this year. 

Press release: Tartu