Picture: Safety Vision

Safety Vision has released their smart solution that uses AI to help reduce bus lane congestion, increase average bus speeds and lower commute times for major urban areas.  

The company’s smart AI bus-mounted cameras identify the license plate information, capture video and still images of the violation. Additionally, the video evidence package records GPS location and standard timestamp information of vehicles obstructing the bus lanes.  

The metadata provided allows law enforcement to quickly and accurately verify violations while ensuring that vehicles making legal turns from bus lanes are not ticketed. Safety Vision’s AI cameras use proven machine learning (ML) models that continue to learn and develop even higher accuracy as they acquire more experience in the field.  

The company is actively applying this same AI technology to other solutions including School Bus Stop Arm Enforcement, Automated People Counting, Driver Scoring and Coaching.  

 According to Safety Vision Director of Mass Transit, Lucius McCelvey, “Smarter mobile surveillance solutions are an integral part of any overall Smart Cities concept that will continue to make urban centers safer for residents and commuters.”  

Safety Vision has played a vital role in molding and evolving the mobile surveillance industry over those 30 years since their founding. Their SABLE solution for Mass Transit is one more step towards truly unified IoT surveillance systems.