Mercedes-Benz has developed its vehicle-to-infrastructure warning system to include the detection of potholes and speed bumps.

The newest generations of the C-Class and S-Class and the new EQS electric hatchback feature a suspension control unit that can detect and register a pothole on the Mercedes’ cloud with the information then available to other connected Mercedes vehicles.

Once the information is repeatedly detected beyond a threshold level, it will show up as an icon on the Mercedes navigation map and the vehicle will give an audible warning approximately ten seconds before the feature is reached. The alert will mention specific features such as “Look out, pothole” or “Attention, speed bump.” The warnings are available in 36 languages.

Mercedes says its cars built since 2016 are capable of receiving the warning information. Owners will need an active Mercedes Me account as well as the Car-to-X Communication feature.

Mercedes’ vehicle-to-infrastructure warning system also has the ability to detect and share information about slippery roads, cross winds, road works, accidents, breakdowns, reduced visibility, heavy rain and snow.

While this system is limited to Mercedes vehicles, other manufacturers are developing vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle communications, massively increasing the utility of vehicle generated data with huge potential to improve road safety and provide roads authorities with highly cost effective, real-time asset condition information.