MODYN is a Dutch product design agency with a passion for mobility. The company ensures that good design is intuitive, empathic, responsible and forward-thinking.

To reach this goal they steer towards simple solutions and create designs that resonate with people and stands out in the market.

MOVE spoke to Remco van Laar, Commercial Director at MODYN about some of their innovative mobility designs and about the significance of smart design for a more sustainable future.


Q:  For those who don’t know, tell us about Modyn and what you do? 

A:  We are MODYN, a Dutch product design agency passionate about mobility. Leveraging strategic thinking with the art of a hands-on approach, we design product experiences that move people and businesses forward.

MODYN has led the industry with award-winning designs and first-time innovations for nearly four decades. Now, focused on the future of mobility, we’re steering towards simple solutions to what are often complex problems, creating designs that speak for brands, resonate with people and stand out in the market. 



Q:  Your design portfolio is large and diverse. What things are you currently working on now? 

  A:  Our focus is 100% on mobility — and mobility in the broadest sense. This is anything from kids’ scooters, prams and child bike seats to large transport vehicles like the VDL New Gen Citea that was just presented to the market. But there are also bikes and micro-mobility products. There’s actually a lot we’re working on we can’t talk about, unfortunately. But I can say there are some concepts in there that are going to shake up the market.

When it comes to the future, In the coming years, we want to grow in the bike segment, as well as truck and busses, micro-mobility, agriculture and construction. 


Q:  How significant is smart design towards creating safe and sustainable products?  

A:  It’s incredibly significant. The products that we develop are often complex in nature and have a lot of regulations surrounding them. A good, recent example of that is the Thule infant and toddler car seat. But, even within those constraints, we still design iconic products, and our clients come to us for that award-winning track record.

In terms of sustainability, you see that there is still a ways to go in the market, but that companies are looking to take that next step. And when you work with us, you get a team of designers who know all the latest sustainable techniques, materials and production methods. So we also challenge our customers to take the next step. After all, we all benefit from it. 


Q:  What are the main factors that come into mind when designing such intricate models such as your VDL New Gen Citea and Agrifac Condor? How much of what goes into a product is the clients wishes and your expertise? 

A:  You cite two great examples. It’s always a balance, and it’s a balancing act we’ve perfected. We bring our ideas and our insight and our network to the table, and our customers bring their expertise, too. We know when to push, but we also know how to listen. Sometimes that includes having a tough discussion with a customer when it comes to making choices, but that also shows what we stand for and is quite illustrative of our Dutch culture. 


Q:  What can we expect to see in the next 12-18 months from Modyn? 

A:  As I mentioned, there are certainly several interesting market introductions. Apart from that, we are also busilyexpanding our services, both in the depth of the design process and new, interesting collaborations. It may still feel like a cliffhanger, but I’d say follow us on LinkedIn! 


Q:  What do you see the future of the mobility industry to be? 

A:  For decades this industry has consisted of this established order and certain, existing transport modes. But, things are changing quickly and many new players are entering with new mobility solutions. It’s interesting to be in the middle of that hurricane of innovation and to not only follow these developments closely, but be part of them.