French car maker Renault has set new targets for the electrification of the brand in Europe.  Speaking at the company’ on-line annual general meeting, CEO Luca de Meo announced that in 2025 the share of electrified passenger cars should be 65 per cent, increasing to at least 90 per cent by 2030.

Renault has the ambition in Europe to be the greenest automotive brand, de Meo said. However he did not set a dfinitive end date for the sale of internal combustion vehicles or specify the future mix of vehicles with respect to battery electric, plug-hybrid or hydrogen-fuelled cars.

Furthermore, the 65 per cent by 2025 target applied only to Europe with a lower figure of 35 per cent set globally.

The other significant announcement from the Renault Groupe AGM is the company would not develop a new diesel engine. Instead, de Meo said, an existing engine will be adapted for “the last generation diesel”.