The city of Minneapolis has announced that shared bikes and scooters will be returning to the streets as it has entered into agreements with Lime, Veo and Spin.  

The city will be offering scooter rentals in 2023 through Lime, Veo and Spin, Lime and Veo will also have e-bikes available.  

Lime and Veo riders will be able to end their bike trip anywhere within the city. All they will need to do is lock their bike to a bike rack or to any signpost except a stop sign or a bus stop sign. 

However, state law highlights that scooter riders must follow similar traffic laws to bicyclists, and shared bikes and scooters can’t be ridden on sidewalks.  

Lime will be using Class 1 e-bikes, which will be pedal assist bikes. Veo will have Class 2 e-bikes and have both pedal assist and a throttle, similar to scooters.  

This is the first time the city has had this type of e-bike in its bike share program. They are a great option for people with physical limitations because users don’t need to stand as they do on scooters or pedal as they do on Class 1 e-bikes. 

Beyond the riding and distribution requirements, all three operators are required to have low-income pricing programs for qualified residents.  

Operators will also be required to have ongoing education and outreach on safe riding and proper parking behaviour.